About Us

Lilu Star is a fun and playful indoor space for children ages 7 and under and our playground is filled with fun and extraordinary toys, play structures and several dedicated spaces for imaginative play. Most of the fun happens in one large open space which makes it easier to watch multiple children playing at different spots. Parents can be at peace while your bundle of joy is having fun and learn.

Our goal is to create a fun and safe space for your kids and help you nurture their imaginative play by bringing thoughtfully chosen variety of toys.

What is the meaning of “Lilu Star”? Our co-founder Amina Turbat loved to sing “Twinkle twinkle littler star” when she was a baby. She used to sang “Twinkle twinkle lilu star”, since she couldn’t pronounce the word “little” correctly. So, we named our beloved playground “Lilu Star”. Amina is now 3 and she is finally old enough to pronounce “little” correctly.